89th Richmond Medical Venturers and Rovers

General information for 89th Richmond Medical Venturers and Rovers:

Medical Venturer and Rover Ranking and Qualifications

The document above highlights the requirements for advancement to the Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and EMR qualifications. These qualifications are identified on your uniform by your collar dogs and side tag immediately underneath the 89th Richmond logo. All members will begin at “Recruit” and attain the respective higher qualifications upon completion of the requirements (to be awarded at a suitable occasion).

Scouts Canada Uniform and Badge Placement

The document above depicts badge placement for uniforms for all sections of Scouts Canada. Please follow the badge placement guidelines as outlined by this document. A more detailed document will follow with our specific uniform’s placement requirements.

Sizing Chart for 5.11 Uniforms

The above link takes you to the 5.11 Tactical website where we purchase our uniforms. If you currently require a uniform, please send us an email with your sizing for both a shirt and a pair of pants.


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