About Us

This group consists of two collaborating groups under the general umbrella of the Greater Vancouver Medical Assistants Services Team Society. One aspect of the group is the First Responders, who are trained students who act as medical professionals for their respective student body. The other aspect is the MedVents, who primarily serve large scale scouting events (such at the Pacific and National Jamboree) and provide assistance in conjunction with other emergency personnel.

High School First Responders:

The Lower Mainland First Responder teams consist of a collaboration of numerous secondary schools in which students are trained up to the standard of Medical First Responders as set by the guidelines of the Canadian Red Cross.

The individual teams provide first aid coverage for the majority of the student population in their respective secondary school institutions, along with training and development opportunities to maintain their skills and update patient care knowledge. Teams also volunteer their services to provide first aid coverage for community events throughout the Lower Mainland.

Participants in the High School First Responders Program:

Cambie Secondary
McRoberts Secondary
Burnett Secondary
Steveston-London Secondary
Richmond Secondary
Hugh Boyd Secondary
MacNeill Secondary
McMath Secondary
McNair Secondary

Windermere Secondary
West Point Grey Academy
Lord Byng Secondary

Delta Secondary
Delview Secondary

West Vancouver
Mulgrave Secondary

North Vancouver
Handsworth Secondary School

Johnston Heights Secondary


89th Richmond Medical Venturers and Rovers:

Several MedVent groups have been organized in the Lower Mainland as of today. This group is primarily affiliated with the 89th Richmond Medical Venturers and Rovers. This group commonly works alongside the First Responders in providing first aid coverage to local community events. The MedVents are also specialized in providing first aid to overnight scouting events, and receive special training when the situation calls for it.

If you wish to request our First Aid services, please visit the Contact Us page.