Please click on the link below if you would like to find out about the upcoming courses available for enrollment. Please note that a two week registration deadline from the start of the course date to ensure that enough time is given for materials and personnel to be adequately prepared.

Courses that we commonly hold are (tax incl.):
Standard First Aid with CPR-C w/ AED – $125.00

First Responder with CPR-HCP w/ AED – $425.00

Courses that are held on a request basis are:
Emergency Medical Responder Upgrade (from First Responders) with CPR-HCP/AED

We also have the capacity to hold these courses (but they are not regularly held. If needed, please contact Jeff Watts at our Contact Us page for more information):

CPR A, B, C and HCP
Emergency First Aid with CPR C or HCP w/ AED
Emergency or Standard Child Care First Aid with CPR C or HCP w/ AED
Marine Basic and Marine Advanced First Aid with CPR C or HCP w/ AED