Who are the First Responders?
The First Responders program is a non-profit organization that provides students in the Vancouver Lower Mainland with Advanced First Aid training. They volunteer their services as on-site medical assistants for their schools and at outside community events.

How many schools are involved?
There are currently 16 schools within the Lower Mainland region participating in the program. Each school has their own student-run team and provides on-site first aid assistance to the student body. All first responders are certified with the proper training and provided with any equipment needed to keep the program going.

What do the First Responders do with their training?
The First Responder teams organize medical coverage for events at their school while acting as medical assistants in the event of a medical emergency/natural disaster. The first responders are also requested for their first aid services to organize and provide medical coverage for community events.

Who can become a First Responder?
Anyone can take the course! The only requirement is that you have a valid Standard First Aid certificate or a certificate from an equivalent course. After successfully completing the course, you will be presented with a valid 3-year First Responder certificate. You do not need to be a student to be able to take the course. The first responder program also provides standard first aid courses, as well as CPR upgrade courses. Please note: the first responder program does not regulate the individual first responder teams within the high schools.

Why should I have the First Responders do my event?
The First Responders are certified in the 44-hour Canadian Red Cross course, which exceeds the medical training given to firefighters and police officers. Most other first aid companies provide personnel certified at either the Emergency First Aid level [an 8-hour course] or Standard First Aid level [a 16-hour course]. Even though the First Responders receive more extensive training, we are a non-profit society and do not charge for our services – although we do rely on any donations or honorariums you may be able to provide to keep our program functional. The First Responders carry equipment comparable to B.C. Ambulance paramedics and are legally permitted to treat serious injuries and illnesses prior to the arrival of more advanced medical personnel (paramedics/doctors).

How much does it cost to get the First Responders at my event?
The First Responders volunteer at events free of charge; however, we do rely heavily on honorariums to keep our kits stocked and program running.

How can I get more information on the program?
You can contact us at jwatts@shaw.ca and your email will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel.

How do I get the First Responders to come my event?
We have an online service request form under services on the above menu of this page.