Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the Vancouver Lower Mainland First Responder program. All submissions will be sent to

If you wish to request our first aid services for a community event, please feel free to contact us below. Your request will be processed and a reply will be sent out as soon as possible. Completing a service request form does not imply that the First Responders will be present at your event. Please check the schedule located on the right sidebar to see if First Responders are already preoccupied during your event time. We possess the capacity to cover several events at the same time but to ensure that all events are adequately covered, we reserve the right to refuse coverage. If you are not contacted within 48 hours, we may be contacted at

Please note: A two week prior notice is preferred for any upcoming events. One month prior notice is preferred for service requests on large scale events. Please provide the following information in the message box:

  • Event location
  • Approximate number of staff and attendees
  • Size of event and duration
  • Any other relevant information
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